About Us

Hydrogen UK is the trade association committed to the development and deployment of hydrogen solutions.

Hydrogen UK works to:


Produce robust analysis to show how hydrogen can contribute to Net Zero


Work with government to grow markets for hydrogen solutions


Support initiatives to deliver excellence throughout the supply chain


Educate and excite stakeholders about the hydrogen opportunity

We are constructive, collaborative and committed to achieving our vision. We engage with trade associations, academics, professional institutions and other opinion formers in building broad coalitions to build consensus around industry structure and policy changes.



HTF Launch Kwasi Kwarteng

In March 2020, the Hydrogen Taskforce was launched at the House of Commons, bringing together the organisations leading on hydrogen in the UK. These organisations worked together, through the Taskforce, to develop a common vision for hydrogen and a collective position on the next steps needed to make this vision a reality.

The Taskforce worked closely with the government to support the development of the UK Hydrogen Strategy, the Hydrogen Business Models and the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund.

Eighteen months on from the launch of the Hydrogen Taskforce, the sector has matured and now stands on the brink of large-scale commercialisation. However, there is still much to be done if hydrogen is to play a key role in delivering Net Zero.

To that end, the Hydrogen Taskforce has also evolved, relaunching as Hydrogen UK, a trade association with new structures and services, capable of supporting the industry through this next phase of activity.

Hydrogen UK’s objectives for 2022

Hydrogen UK is committed to building on past success and working with members and the UK government to deliver on the following objectives:

  1. Scale production rapidly by making Hydrogen Business Models available to producers by mid-2022
  2. Stimulate demand for hydrogen by developing detailed and distinct policy and regulatory frameworks to create markets in end use sectors
  3. Provide links between supply and demand by establishing mechanisms to support distribution and storage infrastructure
  4. Develop the necessary training and support to ensure the UK has the skilled workforce to deliver on its hydrogen ambitions
  5. Ensure that no one is left behind by working with a wide range of stakeholders to build a hydrogen society

We will achieve this through the development of high-quality analysis and thought leadership underpinned by effective government engagement and communications strategies.