Hydrogen UK is a trade association committed to the development and deployment of hydrogen solutions

Hydrogen is essential to delivering net zero in the UK

We must act now to scale hydrogen solutions to deliver cost effective deep decarbonisation

About Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a chemical energy carrier that will play a key role in the energy transition

It has characteristics that are beneficial as we look to build a clean, cost effective resilient, safe energy system


Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the planet and can be produced from any primary energy source including hydrocarbons and renewables

Low Carbon

Hydrogen can be produced and used with low to zero carbon emissions 


Hydrogen can be utilised across the energy system in power, heat, industry and transport applications


Hydrogen can be  stored in large quantities over long periods of time. Energy storage is essential for a resilient energy system


As with any chemical carrier, hydrogen is low risk under the right safety management regulations and protocols. Hydrogen has been safely used for industrial applications over many decades

Building a hydrogen society

Hydrogen in the UK

The UK is well placed to take a leadership position in hydrogen.

We are home to some of the most ambitious and exciting projects and companies in the world. Investment in hydrogen could unlock significant benefit for the UK

By 2035

75,000 jobs

By 2035

£18bn GVA

By 2050

Meet up to 50% of our energy demand

Our Members

Hydrogen UK represents a broad range of companies across the entire hydrogen value chain. Our members work together to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen in the UK  

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