The Hydrogen Taskforce welcomes Northern Gas Networks and SGN as members

The Hydrogen Taskforce is pleased to announce that Northern Gas Networks and SGN have recently joined the Taskforce and will add their extensive experience, as leading UK gas distribution companies and innovators in the distribution and use of hydrogen, to the coalition.

Both SGN and Northern Gas Networks (NGN) are dedicated to reducing UK carbon emissions and are currently trialing state-of-the-art hydrogen technologies and applications. Alongside Cadent, another gas distributer and Taskforce member, their experiences and work will be critical in demonstrating the viability of hydrogen as a pathway for decarbonisation and the energy transition.

SGN H100 Fife project is looking to demonstrate the UK’s first network to carry 100% hydrogen. This project will examine the potential regulatory, technical, physical and commercial feasibility of distributing 100% hydrogen to approximately 300 homes and businesses in Fife, Scotland. This project will build a world-first hydrogen network and provide significant insights into consumer uptake of hydrogen and the public’s interaction with hydrogen-powered appliances in their daily lives.

NGN is a key partner in the HyDeploy project and is collaborating with Keele University and Taskforce members, ITM Power and Cadent. This project aims to establish the potential for blending and distributing hydrogen into the normal gas supply. NGN plays a central role in the North East phase of this programme and will distribute hydrogen blended gas to around 670 households and businesses near Gateshead later this year. NGN is also leading H21, the collaborative network project establishing the critical safety evidence required for a 100% hydrogen gas grid.

The Taskforce aims to secure a step-change in investment for hydrogen in the UK, across the entire value chain, to enable the UK to become a world leader in the applications and services of hydrogen. Our members include Arup, Baxi, BNP Paribas and Arval, BOC, BP, Cadent, DBD International, ITM Power, Northern Gas Networks, SGN, Shell and Storengy.

We have a shared vision for the role of hydrogen in the energy transition and a collective position on the next steps that must be taken to ensure that the UK capitalises on this opportunity to decarbonise the UK.